After requesting personal writing, we can add references from more than fifty companies!!!



Our company is insured by GENERALI Slovakia, the amount of 66,400. - EUR, you are charged for damage caused by our employees. We have no debts to the State and the insurance companies.

      The advantage of our company is twenty million warranty, we have extensive experience with this service, we provide detective services, guard services, we have our own school where training personnel for detective, guard duty, that is served with adequate service in the security services. In the control of the service we highly active and we can react flexibly to any new situation.

      Our company has a substantial interest in the implementation of your objects and how internal and external protection. If you are interested in our services,we develop a plan of physical protection, technical protection of buildings, and protection against pilfering customers. For the implementation of the directive will be developed protection, citing the specific duties guarding services to the individual.

The contract for guard service will be given specific rights and obligations of the parties and their responsibilities.

      In the case of suspected criminal activity your own employees can take advantage of our detectives, who have the operational resources available to this criminal activity forward, documented and communicate the outcome of the leadership in the form of a written final report.



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