Private security service WATCH, Ltd. located in Dubnica nad Váhom Štúrova Street No. 76/11 was registered in the District Court in Trenčín on 7th May 2004, section Ltd, insert No: 14610 / R and deals with the detective under license no. PD 000164, a guard under license no. PS 000195 and training and mentoring under license no. POP 000151. Licenses and accreditation have been granted our company within the meaning of the Private Security Law number 473/2005, which is effective from 1.1.2006 / "Law” / and Decree of the Ministry of Interior no. 634/2005.

Company Management

        All Ltd. Company controls Dr. Ľubomír Chromčák, CEO and director of company, which has rich experience in practice in the security forces and in the Police worked 25 years in various positions. He controls union leaders of the private security and self-whole department of detective.

      The heads of departments perform management activities on their part. All employees have undergone the test of professional competence and possess proficiency certificate under the Act.


Activity of Private Security Company WATCH Ltd. is divided into three departments, which can be found in the menu.






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