Bid for performance of services:

Bid for the service depends on the intensity of the guarded object, the technical equipment of security staff, performance requirements on equality as well as the manner of service. Price per 1 personhour (means 1person and 1 hour) services, in addition to factors affecting the age and physical condition of workers Company. Finally, the site location business in the Slovak Republic.
For less demanding guarding the object price can be agreed individually.

General Price List

Security service 

One worker from 3.81, - EUR per hour + 20% VAT. 


Negotiated price and services ordered by the difficulty of the operations to be performed. One worker in search 11.00, - EUR per hour + 20% VAT.


negotiated price


133, - EUR complete course + administrative fees


WATCH, Ltd. advised you to contact us for the current price of a tailor-made just for you!!!

Our services are carried out in uniforms of the company, namely: black pants, black jacket with the company name, blue shirt with black tie and black ephod. In the summer without the jacket in blue shirts with black ephod and short sleeves. Black T-shirt. According to customer requirements is the possibility of service in civilian dress.


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