Department Watch keeping


protection of property in a public place in a continuous built up area of the village or service intended for communications with customers (traditional guard duty or hidden observation)

protection of assets to other publicly accessible locations (traditional guard duty or hidden observation)

Protection of property on other than public places, (security service in buildings and factories)

protection of assets in transport (with the help of security guards escorting the vehicle or accompanied by another vehicle)

protection of transportation assets and people (with the help of security guards escorting the vehicle or accompanied by another vehicle)

protection of persons (bodyguards in the vehicle at events, in byte)

ensuring order on meeting people, especially in forming a public gatherings, festivals, sporting events or cultural events (sporting events, football, hockey, election campaigns, concerts)

developing a plan of protection (the development plan of the building, either a guard or security systems)

advice on the activities of guard services (professional advice on security service or to protect itself, the selection of workers)

under the authority we provide a license in self-protection, provide a document security service operator, to provide legal protection guard service. (Provide a license for a watch at the Regional Directorate of Police, provide the statutory books and to direct workers in their invitations to the Law.)



In guarded building is based on the requirements of the building's owner, but these requirements must not contradict the law of private security. To date there have been no complaints about our staff, the work is done at a high professional level, and workers choose their own, as determined by law to have a social behavior, have a pleasant appearance and be able to communicate with visitors to the building. Type of material safety devices / tear means, bars self-defense, firearms / for the service to individual guarded objects placed by the customer requires. Equity is adapted species guarded building and customer requirements.


Guarded objects are consistently high-quality staffs complement to a call for tenders.


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