Advice on the activities of security services.


Training of operators and security services to obtain professional qualifications of the Type "S" and "P", this comprises:

     on the basis of the rights of the Slovak Republic
 the Constitution and human rights legislation,
 the legislation on private security services
 the basics of criminal law and criminology,
 the Law on Administrative Offences and Procedure
 the law on police, railway police and military,
 of medical training,
  of interventions against perpetrators, legal and tactical aspects of the implementation of
 •  For fire training.

 Providing skill proficiency testing security staff by the Ministry of Interior.

 Expert lectures are carried out police and experts in the field who have legal training.

 To date we have trained more than 650 employees of the security services, who have passed the aptitude test and received a license to perform detective and guard services with 98.5% success in exams. These citizens are currently successfully carrying out the work in a watch.

 Training is carried out at a training facility in Dubnica nad Váhom.



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